XOS Digital is excited to announce the official launch of our new cloud-based digital media management platform 


The ultimate player evaluation tool is now one click away


Maximize efficiency and eliminate high printing costs with the ultimate digital playbook 


Streamline and simplify video trading with the most robust, secure file exchanging service

XOS ThunderCloud Recruit


The most dynamic, user-friendly and comprehensive recruiting video service available

Meeting Your Sports Technology Needs

Founded in 1999, XOS Digital is the leading provider of digital asset management solutions, facility design and integration services and digital coaching technologies for collegiate and professional sports organizations. Conference officials, league offices, coaching staffs and athletic departments rely on the XOS portfolio of products and services to manage, analyze, archive, distribute, protect and monetize their digital assets.


For more than a decade athletic coaches, conferences and leagues have trusted XOS Digital for all their technology needs. 

XOS specializes in designing custom solutions to improve coaching workflow, broadcast production, fan engagement, asset monetization and distribution of digital media assets.   



XOS Digital has the vital experience to build industry leading technology products that consistently outperform the competition.

Streamlining coaching workflow, maximizing practice time, enhancing operational efficiency and providing the nation's best recruiting tools are only a few of the components of the XOS portfolio.


When teams utilize XOS Digital products, they have the clear advantage. XOS Digital brings the passion, experience and creativity necessary to compete at the highest level.

From beginning to end, the XOS team is there every step of the way to make sure our partners have the best technology resources to win.